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Today’s candidate is different, empowered by a hot job market and the historic shift to remote work.

This, in turn, has exacerbated historic challenges across the hiring cycle experienced by businesses of all sizes.

Yesterday’s employment assessments add steps to an already difficult hiring cycle, which hurts both candidates and their potential employers alike.

Enter HighMatch…

At HighMatch, we believe a bad hiring match can have a devastating impact on the company, the culture and the individual, and we are best suited to help hiring teams identify those mismatches before they happen.

We do that by placing the candidate experience at the same level as the recruiter experience, because when candidates and recruiters work in partnership to make sure there is an appropriate match, companies experience less turnover, happier employees and a more inclusive hiring process.

How We Accomplish That

HighMatch is a talent insights solution that helps organizations solve critical hiring and retention challenges, combining a mix of modular aptitude tests, personality assessments and skills assessments with a full suite of professional services.

Rather than add steps to a historically long hiring process, we modernize your process, providing unparalleled insights into the both the job and the candidate at each stage of the hiring process, ensuring candidates put their best foot forward and allowing recruiters to focus on those candidates who are the best possible fit for the job and the company culture.

HighMatch Core Values

We are driven by three core values:

  • Self Starting: We own our job. Our teams are self-directed, and are wired to get stuff done. We pursue what we believe is important, even if it takes a very long time.
  • Empathy: Our company works hard to understand our customers as well as our team members, and we take action accordingly.
  • Craftsmanship: We care deeply about our craft and the quality of our work. So we continually seek to improve ourselves and the way that we get our jobs done.

Atlanta Proud

HighMatch (originally Berke) was started in Atlanta in 2004 and continues to be headquartered there, with offices in downtown Buckhead.

While we are proud of the growth of the company over the years and the work we have done on behalf of our clients, we are equally proud of how Atlanta has grown alongside us.

Our team is based out of the greater Atlanta area, and we continue to be avid supporters of all things Atlanta (especially Atlanta United and our World Champion Braves).

They Trust Us

We are pleased to call some of the largest companies in the world our clients. They include:

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