Reviewing Participant History Logs in Berke

By Caroline Roberson on June 23, 2022

You can view a history log of all a participant’s interactions within the assessment from the moment you arrange and send an invitation to the point where an assessment is completed. To view this change record, log in to your Berke account.

Navigate the list of participants on your People tab or use the search bar to locate the person you’d like to see. There is a column on the left-hand side of the table of names called “Latest Activity” which shows you statuses for a participant’s activity at a glance, but clicking on the status itself will open a far more detailed change record of all activity having to do with that participant.

screenshot of the latest activity column

The history goes in reverse chronological order so the most recent records are at the top of the log. From here, you can see:

  • When their assessment was first created
  • If there were any adjustments to the assessment
  • What date the invitation went out (if it was emailed)
  • When the invitation arrived in the participant’s inbox (if it was emailed)
  • When the invitation was opened (if it was emailed)
  • If the assessment was initiated, and on what device
  • What assessment key was used to start the assessment
  • If any device warnings or suggestions were made (for mobile device use)
  • If the participant consented to the Terms & Privacy Policy
  • If the participant specified any personal information such as honorific titles
  • When they viewed the instructions
  • If any reminder emails were sent (for incomplete or unstarted assessments)
  • What sections of the assessment were completed and when and using what device
  • How many sections the participant has yet to complete
  • An estimation of the time needed to complete remaining sections
  • When the entire assessment was completed
  • If any reports have been emailed or viewed
screenshot of history log

You also have the option to export any of the history logs at any time by selecting the “Export to Excel” button in the upper right of the log screen.

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