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Enterprise Businesses

HighMatch provides a simple and intuitive way for Enterprise talent teams to accurately measure candidates against the qualities that matter most.

We don’t offer just any pre-employment assessment tool; we offer robust solutions that are tailor-fit to meet the unique needs of your organization.

We Understand Enterprise Organizations

Over the years, HighMatch has helped businesses of all sizes find their best candidates for a variety of roles and across a multitude of industries.

We understand how crucial your next hire is towards the success of your organization and have worked hard to develop a pre-employment assessment for enterprise that offers the most effective way to measure the specific insights your organization is looking for.

They Trust Us

We are pleased to call some of the largest companies in the world our clients. They include:

Personality Assessments

Enterprise organizations have to ensure good cultural fit not just with the role, but also with each team and the organization as a whole.

HighMatch Assess enables you to dive into the general attitude and dispositions within your pool of candidates so you can be sure that they’re a good fit for your organization.

Finally, the flexible nature of our platform means you can easily measure the specific traits that your team needs to succeed.

Assessments Provide insights SUCH AS: 

  • What motivates this candidate? 
  • What are their preferred communication styles?  
  • Do they have emotional qualities that may interfere with job functions?

Unlike other vendors in the market, our platform can measure what matters most to you. Ask a product specialist about personalized assessments today.

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We’re Built for Enterprise Companies

But don’t take our word for it; our software consistently wins the award for categories such as results, usability, and adoption rate within G2’s pre-employment assessment category.

We’re thrilled to bring value in meaningful ways to our enterprise clients, and we take pride in knowing that their direct reviews have made us #1 in our category.

Aptitude Assessments

HighMatch aptitude tests help owners and hiring managers gain a better sense of a candidate’s cognitive ability in areas such as logical reasoning, problem solving, critical thinking, and vocabulary.

Equipping your team with this information will help you understand whether they’re capable of performing the tasks required in your organization. 

Looking to measure a singular or specific ability? Unlike other vendors in the market, our platform measures what matters most to you and uses your language, not ours.

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‘Hiring Better’ Fact Sheet

Do you struggle with candidates that look great on paper, sail through the interview, only to be entirely different from what they showed you?

Our Hiring Better Fact Sheet can help you learn how the right assessment solution can help you avoid situations like these. This fact sheet also contains facts on the benefits of great hires and the cascading effects of a bad hires in your organization.


“We have used the HighMatch assessment over 10,000 times, and it’s amazing how accurate it is.”

CEO, The Renaissance Network

Hard Skills Tests

Enterprise businesses have the organizational structure to support role specialization; most roles require the candidate to have knowledge and experience across a number of hard skills in order to be successful.

HighMatch helps eliminate these worries by providing skill assessments that offer an unbiased measurement of each candidate’s ability to perform and understand tasks and software related to various job functions.

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