Scientifically validated

HighMatch’s Validation Process

Validation of selection instruments is a topic that has received much attention from selection experts and government agencies alike.

The goal is to use a selection process that is fair and unbiased to measure skills, abilities, and traits that are job relevant.  HighMatch has built its process using those two pillars of a sound selection procedure.

Strict Alignment to EEOC Guidelines

The I/O team at Highmatch relies on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures as well as the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology’s (SIOP) Principles for the Validation and Use of Personnel Selection Procedures to inform it’s validation process.

Conduct a Formal Analysis of Work

The first step in establishing the validity of a selection instrument is to conduct a formal Analysis of Work to gain a full understanding of the key tasks, duties, and KSAO’s associated with the role(s).

Using methods appropriate for the role(s) (e.g. Subject Matter Expert Interviews, Job Analysis Questionnaires, Observations, etc.), the Highmatch team will work with you to define the aspects of the role that are critical for inclusion in a pre-employment assessment solution.

If you already have a Job Analysis or Competency Model in place, we may be able to use your internal work to support the construction of your solution.

Establish the Local Validity of your Solution

Next, the HighMatch team will help you establish the local validity of your solution by designing and conducting a study to demonstrate that your solution is job-relevant, useful in predicting important job outcomes, and/or useful in providing information about the candidate that can help you predict job performance.

Additionally, we will perform adverse impact analyses to ensure that all groups have equal opportunity to perform well on your assessment solution. We’ll wrap it all up in a detailed report for your records.

Ensure a Best In-Class Solution

Once you’ve connected with the HighMatch team and expressed interest in a custom-created assessment solution, the I/O team will work with you to put together a project plan to ensure that we complete all necessary steps to provide you with a best-in-class solution.

We work with you to design a project plan and timeline that limits intrusion and produces a tool that can consistently predict which candidates are likely to be successful. 

“The accuracy in pinpointing ideal candidates is unparalleled.”

Practice Administrator, Hospital & Health Care

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‘Improving Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace’ Fact Sheet

The need for consistency in the hiring process is paramount to avoid the dual risks of unconscious bias creeping into the interview process and inability for multiple interviewers to evaluate candidates across a common set of criteria.

Download our Diversity & Inclusion Fact Sheet for additional facts around the cost of unconscious bias, and learn how the right pre-employment assessment can help remove bias from your hiring process.


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