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What is a cultural analysis?

A cultural analysis is a study of the values, beliefs, behaviors, and practices within an organization. It can provide valuable insights on employee behavior and organizational dynamics, as well as qualities that indicate success within your organization.

This guide explains how a cultural analysis works, its benefits, and why an organization might conduct one.

How a Cultural Analysis Works

The goal of a cultural analysis is to define an organization’s culture and understand what makes employees successful within that culture. To accomplish this, the vendor conducting the analysis needs to collect, analyze, and interpret the relevant data. Relevant data can include personality and aptitude information for each employee, employee effectiveness ratings, desired employee competencies, and organizational values.

To collect this data, the vendor conducting the analysis can utilize assessments, surveys, and employee interviews. The goal at this stage is to identify the most common traits within the organization.

To analyze the data, the vendor will compare employee traits and measure them against employee effectiveness. The goal of this is to identify traits that indicate employee success, as well as traits that may indicate an employee will struggle.

When the vendor completes their analysis, they’ll return their interpreted findings and help with further application of the results.

The results can be used to support recruiting, selection, onboarding, training, development, and performance evaluation.

Benefits of a Cultural Analysis

  • Actionable and versatile insights: The insights gained from a cultural analysis can be used as a comparison point for many different applications, including screening, interviewing, training, and performance evaluation
  • Identify skill gaps: Using the insights from a cultural analysis, existing employees can be compared to the traits and aptitudes of high-performing individuals; identifying these skill gaps creates the opportunity for future growth and development
  • Decreased turnover: Knowledge about your organization’s culture helps you identify which candidates will fit well into your organization; using this information to make hiring decisions will result in satisfied employees that stay longer
  • Objective data: Cultural analyses conducted by reputable vendors are based on psychological research and will produce objective, validated data that can be used to make confident, informed decisions

Use Cases for a Cultural Analysis

  • Rapidly grow your organization: When hiring volume is high, having insights on organizational culture can help an organization rapidly expand without altering its culture too much
  • Employee engagement: A cultural analysis can help identify the factors that impact employee engagement within the organization. By understanding these factors, organizations can work to improve engagement
  • Employee development: Organizations can implement a cultural analysis to quickly identify areas of growth for many employees at once. This allows for informed performance reviews, goal-setting, and overall improved employee development


Cultural analyses are an important tool for organizations with distinct traits, values, behaviors, or competencies that indicate success. A cultural analysis can provide a wide variety of actionable insights and needs to be conducted by an experienced vendor. Organizations that complete a cultural analysis can find long-term benefits from the information gleaned.

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