Inviting People to Berke Assessments

By Caroline Roberson on June 23, 2022

The People Tab is the default screen you come to when first logging into Berke once you’ve done the initial setup. At the top left of this page are invitation buttons for inviting individuals or groups of people to an assessment.

screenshot of invitation button

Inviting individuals.

Click on “Assess Person” to start an invitation to a single individual. Enter the full name of the invitee, choose an assessment you’d like them to take, and assign a hiring manager to follow their progress. By default, your account comes with pre-prepped Spotlight Assessments. Any Job Fit Assessments your company has requested should be available to assign as well. You can request additional Job Fit Assessments by clicking the “Add” button next to the assessment dropdown.

Choosing your start method

You have two options for starting an assessment when sending an invitation. First, you can send them a personalized email message from you with simple point-and-click instructions. Second, you can start an assessment immediately on a computer you are using or another machine in your location using an Assessment Key, a unique code that links to your participant’s assessment record.

If you choose the email invitation method, clicking “Next” progresses you to a page where you can enter an email address, set reminders, and customize a personalized message for the invitee along with their instructions. You can also order a copy of the invitation for yourself. If the participant doesn’t have an email address, choose “Start on a computer in this office” and follow the instructions to start the assessment with an Assessment Key.

Clicking “Next” after choosing the option to start on a computer in the office takes you to a page where you have the option to verify your choice on how the assessment will be taken. By default, you are provided a button to begin the assessment immediately on the computer in use. Below this area is the option to begin the assessment on another computer where you are provided a URL and Assessment Key for the participant to use which you can print or email to yourself for later use.

screenshot of starting on this computer option
screenshot of starting on another local computer option

Inviting groups.

To invite a group of people to take an assessment, log in with a Berke administrator account and click “Assess Group” on the People tab. From the Assess Group window, download the offered spreadsheet which has columns where you can type in your participants’ names and email addresses. There are examples of formatting included in the spreadsheet to help with knowing what to do in unique cases.

screenshot of the group invite spreadsheet

Once your spreadsheet is ready, select the “click here to continue” prompt at the top right of your spreadsheet’s data tab and follow the prompts on Berke’s site to verify your data and send invitations. The remaining process is identical to the individual invitation process detailed above – pick the hiring manager, assessment to deliver, personal message, etc.

After you confirm your settings, Berke handles everything else, sending the invitations to your group immediately and reminders every few days as needed. You can check the status of your group at any time by going to the People tab and selecting the “Assess Group” button from the top of the page. The window that opens displays all existing group assessments and gives the option to start a new invite, if needed.

screenshot of checking group invite status

Email Reminders

In addition to the reminders sent to the participant should they fail to begin their assessment in a timely manner (set during the invitation creation), candidates will also receive special spot reminders within 30 minutes of leaving an assessment that is still considered in-progress, urging them to complete the assessment that day.

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