Understanding the Berke People Tab

By Caroline Roberson on June 23, 2022

The place to view invitations, see statuses of assessments, change people information, invite new candidates, and view reports.What is the People Tab?

The People Tab is the default screen you come to when first logging into Berke once you’ve done the initial setup. This area will be the central hub for getting all your updates on who has an invitation to take an assessment, if they’ve started or completed it, and what their score is (if applicable). It’s also the place to invite new people, update contact information, view and download reports, as well as a few other things.


Invite new candidates.

At the top left of this page are invitation buttons for inviting individuals or groups of people to an assessment. For individuals, the process is a straightforward answering of questions about who the invite goes to, how they’ll complete the assessment, and where the results go afterward. Answer the questions and your invitation is done.

For groups, it is a little more involved. You’ll use a provided spreadsheet template to enter contact information for the mass invite, then proceed with specifying the type of assessment, and the resulting report destination.


Search for people.

To the right of the invitation buttons is a search bar. You can utilize this to filter your results in the table below by name, keywords, Job Fit Scores, job titles, and more. To view tips on searching techniques, click on the “Search Tips” link just below the search box. You can also opt for more advanced searching filters by clicking the “advanced” link below the search button.


People results.

The majority of the page is comprised of a table filled with rows of all the names and statuses of those invited to take an assessment. There are several named columns across the top, and each one (with the exception of the report status button) can be clicked to sort the table’s results further.


Clicking on the name of a person will bring up editable information related to that individual such as name, contact info, and who their hiring manager is. This is also a place where you can re-issue assessment invites for candidates who have not yet started their assessment if they get misplaced or expire.

If the candidate is testing against a Job Fit Assessment, the next column will show the job title of the assessment they’ve been invited to take. If it is a Spotlight Assessment for determining personality and trait strengths, then no job will be listed.


Next is the Job Fit Score. If a candidate has completed a Job Fit Assessment, their score will appear here.


Buttons line the column to the right of the Job Fit Scores. If an assessment is incomplete, the button will be grey and read a variety of statuses depending on if the candidate has started the assessment they received, how much time has elapsed, or if they were supposed to take it locally on location. If a report is available, the button will be blue and read “Reports.” Clicking on this will open the candidate’s results and corresponding Interview Guide. To learn more about the different kinds of reports, visit the tutorial on Understanding Reports.


There is more specific information on the status of a candidate in the next column. You can see if an assessment has started, how far along the candidate is in it, when they were emailed an invite to take the assessment, and when the candidate finished it.


Last is a column listing the hiring manager and (if it’s available) the department assigned to the person.

By default, this tab only shows the 25 most recent people you’ve invited to take assessments. You can increase this number or decreased it by using the drop-down in the lower right-hand corner of the table. Click on the pagination numbers to the lower left to see the next 25 people in your invitation table.


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