HighMatch Assess is a fast, intuitive pre-employment assessment solution that gives hiring teams actionable insights they need to make informed hiring decisions.

Hiring is Hard

Without relevant and actionable insights, talent teams don’t have the tools they need to make optimal hiring decisions.

Traditional methods, such as hiring committees or repeat interviews, are too slow for today’s talent market.

With Assess, which combines our award-winning pre-employment assessments with science-backed personalization, talent teams get better insights, faster.

Two Assessment Solutions

HighMatch Assess includes two pre-employment assessment solutions for hiring teams looking to make more informed decisions:

for small to medium-sized businesses

An intuitive and configurable pre-employment assessment that’s easy to understand and quick to implement.

for enterprise organizations

A highly personalized assessment solution that measures the qualities that matter most in the role and in your culture.

Assessment Types:

HighMatch assessments measure a candidate or employee’s innate traits and abilities using a battery of questions validated by over 500 criterion-related validation studies, as well as their hard skills, knowledge and judgement.


Measures candidate’s motivators, communication style and work ethic

Cognitive Aptitude

Measures critical thinking, spatial reasoning and problem-solving ability

Hard Skills

Measures candidate’s ability to perform role-critical tasks

Personalization Options:

Leveraging a mix of science-backed services, our team of workplace psychologists builds a tailored personalization strategy for every client that delivers the actionable, relevant insights they need to make more informed, data-driven decisions.

Job Profiles

A tailored set of desired qualities that all candidates are measured against


A scientific study that identifies the 
qualities shared by top performers

Job Analysis

A science-validated job profile and JD
based on the needs of the role

Custom Questions

Science-validated questions used
for role/organization alignment

Culture Match

Science-validated questions used
for role/organization alignment


Wayne Homes uses HighMatch to Identify Qualified Applicants

Hear from Michael Luckie-Ewing, former VP of People and Culture at Wayne Homes, a custom home builder serving 5 states for over 40 years.

Michael and his team used HighMatch to better filter applicants for the qualities and skills that contribute to success across every role in their organization.

How It Works

We use in-house knowledge as a starting point to identify the qualities & skills that equate to success on the job. 

We then select an assessment solution that best provides the ability to accurately measure what matters most to you.

Next, our team of workplace psychologists personalizes the assessment solution to fit your role and organizational needs.

Recruiters can easily sort, rank, and search through candidates based on score, and share candidate reports and personalized interview playbooks with hiring managers.

Key Features

HighMatch Assess features include:

  • Fast, mobile-first assessments
  • Scoring and reporting based on your needs
  • Impactful and intuitive candidate reports  
  • Robust applicant ranking, filtering, and scoring
  • Expert insight from workplace psychologists

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Pre-Employment Assessment

in the Workplace

Hiring can be time-consuming, costly, and stressful. Candidates with impressive resumes and good interviews may fall short due to mismatches between traits and requirements.

To mitigate this risk, many employers use pre-employment assessment tests, a systematic and efficient approach to gathering objective information, in their selection practices.

When assessments are integrated into the hiring process, companies make more informed decisions.

Benefits of a Pre-Employment Assessment

Using a pre-employment assessment enhances your hiring process by providing additional insight about a candidate.

An Assessment will help you:

It can take months to truly understand an employee. Assessment tests measure traits that are relatively stable over time, helping hiring managers understand what the person would be like to work with on a daily basis.

For higher volume jobs with a significant number of applicants, assessment test results can be used early in the process to filter out poor-fit candidates, enabling recruiters to focus their time on candidates with the highest potential.

Unconscious bias can creep into the hiring process, with devastating effects. Pre-employment assessments offer a way to balance subconscious feelings and emotions with the reality of what the individual is like, leveling the playing field.

When candidates have little experience, it is hard to gauge potential. Pre-employment assessments analyze how well natural traits and abilities line up with the job, so employers can determine if the person can grow into the role.

Candidates often present the best version of themselves, making it difficult for employers to determine risk factors. Assessment tests provide detailed information on where and how much a candidate may struggle on the job.

Hiring people whose innate traits do not match up with what’s required of the job often results in a turnover. A pre-employment assessment helps you identify and steer clear of potential mismatches.

Assessments outline where a candidate will naturally excel and where they may require extra support. Managers use this information to tailor on-boarding, helping employees get up to speed faster and increasing speed to productivity.

Hiring the wrong employee is expensive; training costs, errors made, and cost of replacement, let alone the impact to team and company morale, all add up to significant costs. Using pre-hire testing reduces the number of hiring mistakes.

They Trust HighMatch:

The accuracy in pinpointing ideal candidates is unparalleled. I am able to submit what type of person I want to hire and [HighMatch] takes an applicant list of 300 and narrows it down to 20.

Healthcare Administrator

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Buyer’s Guide

Selecting the right pre-employment assessment solution from the hundreds available can be daunting. To make that process a little easier, we created a Buyer’s Guide.

It’s an objective, downloadable report created by our team of Industrial & Organizational (I/O) psychologists that outlines what to consider when evaluating assessment vendors. 

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