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What is a talent Development assessment?

A talent development assessment evaluates an employee’s current competencies, knowledge, and traits to identify areas of growth. Talent development assessments are often used to evaluate an employee’s potential for advancement, plan for succession of critical roles, or help an employee grow.

The following guide will explore the benefits of talent development assessments, how they work, and their typical use cases.

Benefits of a talent development assessments

Organizations that utilize development assessments see benefits such as:

  • Increased performance and productivity
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Increased retention
  • Improved organizational stability
  • Improved organizational culture

How a talent development assessment works

Development assessments work by measuring employees against an established set of desired criteria, and the assessment is typically composed of a series of questions in a digital form. The assessment criteria is set by the organization on a role or employee basis and can cover cognitive aptitude, personality, skill, and competency tests.

To use a development assessment, the organization first needs to develop one or purchase one from an assessment vendor. Typical considerations include the criteria of evaluation and the purpose of the assessment.

Once the assessment is administered, managers will typically use the information to provide feedback to the employee based on the assessment results. This can take the form of a performance review discussion, and often leads to future goal setting and development planning.

Use cases for talent development assessments

Development assessments can support a variety of use cases, including:

  • Skill Gap Analysis: When evaluating an employee for a new role, a skill gap analysis shows the difference between their current skills and the skills required for the new role
  • Succession Planning: Development assessments highlight how well each employee meets the needs of currently occupied roles, simplifying the succession process
  • Team Benchmarking: Development assessments focused on traits desired organization-wide can be used to quickly evaluate teams and their areas for growth
  • Career Progression and Retention: Employees that are able to grow their skillset meaningfully are more likely to stay, development assessments can identify these areas of growth and enable further progression in their role.


Development assessments are a useful tool for growing existing talent within your organization. These assessments also offer many useful benefits, such as improved productivity and retention. Finally, development assessments can help evaluate existing employees for both new and existing roles.

Highmatch Development Assessments

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