Aptitude Test

Aptitude tests are a type of pre-employment assessment that help employers gather information about prospective candidates. 

An aptitude test is designed to gather cognitive abilities such as logical reasoning, problem-solving, critical thinking and analytical skills that apply to every job.

Employment Aptitude Test

Aptitudes impact job performance in that they determine how quickly employees can learn on the job, improve over time in a role, and solve problems in novel situations. As a result, aptitude tests are better than many other selection criteria at predicting long-term job success.

The HighMatch Aptitude Test

The HighMatch Aptitude Test is a configurable assessment that measures logical reasoning and analytical thinking among other qualities related to general intelligence including Rapid Problem-Solving, Spatial Visualization and Vocabulary.

HighMatch also offers specific aptitude tests designed to assess aptitudes more relevant to job performance.

By combining general and custom aptitudes, HighMatch pre-employment aptitude tests allow for rank-ordering candidates based on their general aptitude levels as well as comparing each candidate’s relative strengths and weaknesses.

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Using an Aptitude Test for Hiring

  • Truly Understand the Candidate: Aptitude testing is a useful additions to the hiring process because it is difficult to assess a person’s psychological traits effectively through resumes and interviews alone
  • Development Applications: Aptitude testing is beneficial throughout the employment lifecycle. It not only offers greater insight into a candidate’s aptitudes before hiring, but also helps with team building, employee development, and future workforce planning
  • Universal Benefits: Whether you are using an aptitude test to assess future or current employees, there are many ways in which an aptitude test is beneficial for both hiring and development

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Misconceptions About
Cognitive Aptitude Tests

Despite the extensive use of aptitude tests in personnel selection, many people have confusions about aptitudes and aptitude tests.

  • Aptitude tests measure one’s cognitive capabilities and learning potential. People differ in their aptitudes, and such differences are useful in predicting future learning achievements. Ultimately the primary goal of an aptitude test is prediction.
  • Achievement tests, on the other hand, assess the knowledge already obtained in a specific field. They are designed to diagnose the extent to which a person has learned a specific body of knowledge or developed a particular skill, typically after going through a training program.
  • Because of such differences, aptitude tests are used widely in business and selection settings, whereas achievement tests are primarily used in academic contexts.

Using an Aptitude Test for Employees

  • Measure What You Can’t See: People differ in their knowledge and competencies, but these traits cannot be seen or heard, so aptitude tests provide an objective means of measurement
  • Recognize Potential: Aptitude tests can identify employees who are likely to more successful than others when placed in a more senior role requiring a high degree of cognitive ability
  • Understand Challenges: Sometimes employees struggle in roles that simply aren’t aligned to their strengths. Understanding that misalignment can help identify other areas where they would be more successful

General vs. Specific Aptitude Tests

A general aptitude test is similar to an intelligence test in that they measure a broad range of cognitive abilities. Researchers found that although general aptitude is a valid and effective indicator of job performance across many occupations, specific aptitudes (like verbal knowledge) add more predictive power, especially for narrower subject domains (e.g., writing).

Both specific and general aptitude tests are useful in selection practices. General aptitude tests evaluate a candidate’s potential to learn and adapt, and specific aptitude tests are suited for more focused assessment and predictions.

HighMatch’s Talent Insights Platform

HighMatch Talent Insights Platform includes a highly configurable pre employment assessment test that’s fast, easy to implement and measures both aptitude and personality right out-of-the-box, as well as fully custom assessments that measure individual qualities that matter most to your business.

Both our aptitude assessment and our personality assessment can be paired with skills assessments, either from our strategic partnership with one of the largest skills testing providers, or our native skills offerings.

Pairing skills testing with aptitude and personality assessments can provide a holistic view of a candidate’s ability to be successful on the job, leading to better hiring decisions.

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Skills Assessments

Enterprise companies have the organizational structure to support role specialization, which means most hires will have to have knowledge and experience across a number of hard skills necessary to fulfill every requirement of the role.

HighMatch helps eliminate these worries by providing skills tests that offer an unbiased measurement of your candidate’s ability to perform and understand tasks and software related to various job functions.

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