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What is a PERSONALIZED assessment?

A personalized assessment is a type of occupational assessment created for an organization that evaluates specific job-relevant criteria. This criteria is based on the needs of the organization and can be as broad as desired personality traits for employees or as specific as a required skill competency.

The following guide will explore the benefits of personalized assessments, how they work, and why an organization might use them.

Benefits of personalized assessments

The benefits of personalized assessments depend on their application; applications can range from candidate screening and interviewing to current employee development. Benefits can range from reduced turnover and increased productivity to decreased hiring bias and training costs.

How personalized assessments work

A personalized assessment should be created specifically for your organization by an experienced vendor with in-house psychologists. Expertise from psychologists is required to ensure the assessment is legally compliant, accurate, and effective.

In order to create the assessment, the assessment vendor’s team of psychologists will meet with your organization to understand the unique challenges that need to be solved by the assessment. The psychologists will create the assessment in collaboration with your organization, ensuring that the assessment is measuring the traits and criteria your organization wants to evaluate candidates for.

Once the assessment is created, it will typically be hosted online by the assessment vendor. At this point, your organization will gain access to the vendor’s online platform and will be able to deploy the assessment as desired.

The results from each administered assessment will be displayed in the vendor’s online portal, and these results can be sorted through and reviewed as needed by the relevant team in your organization.

Use cases for personalized assessments

Personalized assessments have many potential use cases:

  • Reduce turnover: Personalized assessments can help identify candidates whose innate traits are a good match for the position. This results in employees that stay longer and perform better.
  • Improve hiring efficiency: For high volume jobs with many applicants, personalized assessment results can be used early in the process to filter out poor-fit candidates, freeing up recruiters to focus on candidates with the highest potential.
  • Avoid costly hiring mistakes: Hiring the wrong employee can result in a significant amount of training, replacement, and error correction costs. Using pre-hire testing reduces the number of hiring mistakes which saves your organization money.
  • Reduce hiring bias and stereotyping: A lack of diversity can lead to homogenous perspectives and biased decision making which reduces the quality of hires. Personalized assessments help highlight a candidate’s experiences and traits independently from their background, leading to a more fair hiring process.
  • Career Progression and Retention: Employees that are able to meaningfully grow their skillset are more likely to stay. Personalized assessments can identify these areas of growth and enable further progression in their role.


Personalized assessments are a good choice for organizations with specific criteria that they want to evaluate candidates on. These assessments can be applied in many contexts, from screening to employee development, and offer a wide range of benefits. For personalized assessments, it’s important to talk to an experienced assessment vendor to see what they can offer your organization.

highmatch Personalized Assessments

HighMatch Create is a personalized assessment that measures only the qualities that matter most to your organization.

HighMatch Create evaluates the individual differences in psychological traits, abilities, and skills, and is built by I-O Psychologists according to the latest standards in the field.  

All HighMatch assessments have undergo rigorous analysis to ensure validity, reliability, and fairness across devices.

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