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Compass Assessment

Compass is a modern, fully-personalized assessment that measures candidates against the qualities and skills that matters most in the role and your culture.

Legacy Solutions Don’t Work

Large businesses face complex recruitment challenges, from a highly competitive job market to marked increases in turnover, resulting in increased costs and limited growth.

A solution can’t be found in a one-size-fits-all approach offered by legacy vendors, known for long assessments that candidates hate and hiring managers ignore.

Enter Compass from HighMatch

Compass assessments are highly personalized to your specific role and culture through a collaborative process between our workplace psychologists and your hiring managers and talent teams.

This collaboration results in relevant, actionable candidate insights hiring managers actually use to make hiring decisions and short, mobile assessments that reduce candidate fallout.

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Compass is the only personalized assessment in the market built to measure what matters most in the role and in your company culture.

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Compass was built with the candidate experience in mind, including a streamlined, mobile-ready assessment that reduces test anxiety.

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Compass’ intuitive reports provide the data and insights your team needs to screen, interview and hire candidates with confidence.

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Personality Traits

While Compass is a truly personalized assessment uniquely configured for every client, we have a number of pre-built questions for the most requested personality traits, including:

  • Assertiveness: Approach disagreement with a desire to change others’ perspectives
  • Collaboration: Tendency to work collaboratively and effectively with others to achieve a goal
  • Competitiveness: Be concerned with winning, outperforming or standing out from their peers
  • Detail Orientation: Be deliberate, careful and exact when reviewing information for accuracy 
  • Empathy: Listen, understand and take the perspective of another person
  • Flexibility: Adjust their own behavior and approach depending on their circumstances 
  • Friendliness: Be warm, approachable and pleasant towards others
  • Independence: Develop their own approach and to be comfortable working with little or no support 
  • Innovative: Consider creative, uncommon solutions to a wide variety of problems 
  • Leadership Orientation: Tendency to desire to and be motivated to lead others
  • Learning Orientation: Be active in the process of learning and being intellectually challenged
  • Money Orientation: Prioritize financial gain and advancement as important aspects of their career
  •  Objectivity: Prioritize facts and data over emotions and feelings when making decisions
  • Organized: Be tidy and meticulous in how they manage their workspace and time
  • Positive Attitude: Have an optimistic, “can-do” attitude towards obstacles and challenges
  • Relationship-Orientation: To be socially driven and active in efforts to build relationships with others
  • Reliability: Be aware and motivated to meet others expectations and stick to one’s commitments 
  • Resilience: Bounce back from mistakes, criticism or insults quickly and positively 
  • Risk Tolerance: Be comfortable making decisions and taking actions that have uncertain outcomes
  • Rule-Conscious: Be compliance-minded with regard to safety processes and guidelines 
  • Sense of Urgency: Pursue objectives with a desire to bring tasks to a positive conclusion
  • Strategic Thinking: Think about the long-term implications and consequences of their decisions 
  • Stress Tolerance: Remain steady and focused in the face of stressful situations
  • Trusting of Others: Tendency to trust others and to believe that people operate with good intentions

Don’t See a Personality Trait You Want to Measure?

Often times clients are looking to measure candidate’s against a specific personality trait or company value. Our team of workplace psychologists will partner with you to define those, build an assessment that measures them and provide a report back that rates each candidate against those traits or values using your company’s language, not ours, which improves hiring manager adoption.

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The Compass Candidate Experience is:


Compass only measures qualities that matter most to you, rather than every aspect of a candidate.  Our assessments are significantly shorter than our competitors, improving the overall experience.


Compass’ customizable language ensures that traditionally marginalized groups feel welcomed and included, leading to less funnel abandonment, higher completion rates and better brand perception.


You can’t get candidate insights if you don’t have completions.  Compass was developed to ensure the highest completion rate, so you never have to decide between quality and quantity of candidates.

Compass Reporting

Compass reports are highly visual, with intuitive dashboards that help you quickly see whether a candidate is a fit based on their overall score, as well as high-level scores on specific qualities and skills alongside the ideal ranking.

Compass reports can also include personalized Interview Guides with the addition of HighMatch Interview, which help hiring managers have more consistent, informed interviews.

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Wayne Homes uses HighMatch to Identify Qualified Applicants

Hear from Michael Luckie-Ewing, former VP of People and Culture at Wayne Homes, a custom home builder serving five states for over 40 years.

Michael and his team used HighMatch to better filter applicants for the qualities and skills that contribute to success across every role in their organization.

Assessment Types:

HighMatch assessments measure a candidate or employee’s innate traits and abilities using a battery of questions validated by over 500 criterion-related validation studies, as well as their hard skills, knowledge and judgement.


Measures candidate’s motivators, communication style and work ethic

Cognitive Aptitude

Measures critical thinking, spatial reasoning and problem-solving ability

Hard Skills

Measures candidate’s ability to perform role-critical tasks

Personalization Options:

Leveraging a mix of science-backed services, our team of workplace psychologists builds a tailored personalization strategy for every client that delivers the actionable, relevant insights they need to make more informed, data-driven decisions.

Job Profiles

A tailored set of desired qualities that all candidates are measured against


A scientific study that identifies the 
qualities shared by top performers

Job Analysis

A science-validated job profile and JD
based on the needs of the role

Custom Questions

Science-validated questions used
for role/organization alignment

Culture Match

Science-validated questions used
for role/organization alignment

How We Do It

Our team of psychologists engage with client subject matter experts through focus groups to understand the most relevant Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Competencies.

We build a tailored assessment using prioritized target measures, and demonstrate how the solution will measurably impact relevant KPIs and help mitigate pain points.

Compass deploys the assessment, applying predictive analytics to responses and providing objective analysis and insights from the factors collected using a scoring model.

We align our reporting with our clients’ needs, from a single roll-up score to detailed insights on candidate’s responses, and can deliver that data and insights directly into leading ATS’.

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‘Reducing Turnover’ Fact Sheet

Bad hires can have a ripple effect across your organization, impacting revenue and profitability, causing delays in mission-critical projects and rupturing team dynamics.

Download our Fact Sheet for additional data on the true cost of turnover, and learn how the right assessment can, in many cases, pay for itself via reductions in turnover.


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