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Compass couples a suite of managed services led by our team of industrial and organizational (I/O) psychologists with decades of experience underneath them with a modern, mobile-first assessment platform that delivers unparalleled insights into your candidate pool.

Complex Problems Require Complex Solutions

Enterprise businesses face a number of complex and difficult challenges when it comes to recruitment, from a highly competitive job market to marked increases in turnover to a lack of diversity across the organization, resulting in increased costs and limited growth.

A true solution to these problems can’t be found in a one-size-fits-all approach offered by most assessment platforms, nor can it be solved by I/O consultants trying to shoehorn the qualities and skills they know are critical in the role into an off-the-shelf assessment that measures something completely different.  

Enter Compass from HighMatch

It combines the academic rigor and business acumen of our in-house team of I/O psychologists, who partner with you to surface data and insights critical to success in the role and your organization, with a customizable, mobile-first platform that is fully integrated with our consulting service

Compass empowers our team of psychologists to take the insights derived from our consulting process and directly apply those insights to create a custom assessment built specifically to measure what matters most to you.  You get a solution to your specific business challenge, not a product or a service.

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Capable of Handling Any Content

Compass was built to handle any type of content, from a singular personality trait or cognitive ability to highly customized content from our Services team – even custom content created by in-house I/Os.

Best of all, Compass can use your company’s language to describe the qualities being measured. When hiring managers see language they are familiar with, they are more to use the data to make better hiring decisions.

Candidate Experience

Compass was built from the ground up with the candidate experience foremost in mind.  Our streamlined assessment approach avoids fallout due to test fatigue, and our intuitive interface helps reduce test anxiety which can lead to poor completion rates.  

Compass is also the only solution in the marketplace that was created specifically for mobile, with SMS invitations and a mobile-first user experience, so you know you can always reach on-the-go candidates.

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A platform is only as good as the reports that come out of it.  Compass offers the ability to create highly customized reporting for individuals, teams and executives.  

Our Services team will work with you to define your team’s specific reporting needs and build out reports featuring data visualization, scores and more, to ensure you have the insights you need to make better hiring decisions.

How We Do It

Our team of psychologists engage with clients to fully understand the root behaviors leading to their current pain points, and identify ways to solve those challenges using a mix of technology, business acumen and science. 

We develop a custom solution using a holistic mix of content and services, and clearly demonstrate how the proposed solution will measurably impact relevant KPIs and help mitigate current pain points.

We deploy our services team and field our custom assessments, applying predictive analytics to responses and providing objective analysis and insights from the factors collected.

We align our data use and reporting with client’s specific needs, from automated screening to helping inform interviews, and deliver insights in whatever form is preferred by clients.

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‘Reducing Turnover’ Fact Sheet

Bad hires can have a ripple effect across your organization, impacting revenue and profitability, causing delays in mission-critical projects and rupturing team dynamics.

Download our Reducing Turnover Fact Sheet for additional facts around the true cost of turnover, and learn how the right pre-employment assessment can, in many cases, pay for itself via reductions in turnover.


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