Skill Assessment Tests

Skill assessment tests provide an unbiased measurement of a candidate’s ability to perform or understand a duty that is expected of them.

Work Skills Assessment

A work skills assessment provides insight into a candidate or employees’ ability to perform functions in the workplace, and are often specific to the role or the industry.

A skills assessment becomes even more impactful when combined with soft skills and cognitive reasoning testing, providing a holistic view of a candidate or employee including their willingness and ability to do the job.

Skill Assessment Tests For Any Role or Industry

HighMatch skill assessment tests, offered through a strategic partnership with a leading skills testing provider, include a wide range of tests aligned to the needs of specific roles and industries.

Don’t see your job function or industry? You can also search all available skills tests by name.

These skills assessments are offered through HighMatch Assess, which combines our award-winning assessments with personalization capabilities from our in-house team of workplace psychologists.

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Microsoft Assessment Test

HighMatch’s suite of native Microsoft assessment tests are ADA / WCAG-2 compliant for accessibility and accommodation, are fully customizable and built from the ground up for mobile.

They feature SMS invitations, a mobile-optimized candidate experience and the ability to customize the questions, scoring and reporting to your specific needs.

Tests include:

These skills assessment tests were written by expert technical writers with 20+ years of experience and have been rigorously validated by our in-house team of I-O psychologists.

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They Trust Us

We are pleased to call some of the largest companies in the world our clients. They include:

Build Your Own Assessment Test

Many of our enterprise clients have either partnered with us to create a new tailored skills assessment or migrated their in-house skills tests to our mobile-first assessment platform.

Features include:

  • Customized reporting
  • Full WCAG2 compliance
  • Remediation capabilities
  • SMS invitations & reminders
  • Mobile-optimized candidate experience

Offered via our Create solution, these tailor-made skills assessment are built from the ground up for your role and organization by our workplace psychologists.

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Awards & Testimonials

Check out our G2 profile for first-hand testimonials from professionals just like you, and to better understand why we’re rated the “Easiest To Use” amongst pre-employment testing software.

Combining Skills Testing
with Soft Skills Assessments

When used in combination with soft skills testing through personality assessments and aptitude tests, hiring managers can get a holistic view of a candidate or employee as to whether they are willing and capable of doing the job, along with their relative strength in a required skill.

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‘Reducing Turnover’ Fact Sheet

Bad hires can have a ripple effect across your organization, impacting revenue and profitability, causing delays in mission-critical projects and rupturing team dynamics.

Download our Fact Sheet for additional information on the true cost of turnover, and learn how the right pre-employment assessment can pay for itself through reductions in turnover.


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