Skill Tests

Skill assessment tests provide an unbiased measurement of a candidate’s ability to perform or understand a duty that is expected of them.

HighMatch skills tests are short, candidate-friendly and tailored to measure the skills and knowledge that matter most in the role and in your organization.

Our Approach

We approach skills testing a bit different than everyone else. HighMatch skills tests, powered by our modern, mobile-first assessment engine, are short and candidate-friendly.

They are also highly personalized, compiled by our team of workplace psychologists from a pool of pre-built components and tailored to measure what matters most in the role.

We believe skills testing is an important piece of the puzzle, however it’s rarely the whole solution. Our clients couple skills testing with other components to ensure they are getting the full picture of candidate’s ability to be successful in the role.

Built For Today’s Candidates

HighMatch’s new, modern assessment engine was engineered for today’s candidates, the first of its kind to be built specifically for use on mobile devices.

It fields assessments and collects data in a fast, candidate-friendly mobile format, applies predictive analytics to responses and delivers actionable insights via intuitive reports.

Hiring teams can easily sort and filter candidates based on responses and share promising candidates with managers.

Key Features

HighMatch skills tests feature:

  • SMS Invitations & reminders
  • Configurable scoring
  • Remediation capabilities
  • ADA / WCAG-2 compliance

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Measure What Matters

Often times a role may require knowledge of a specific concept or piece of software, but not require a mastery of all of it.

Our workplace psychologists partner with you to understand what knowledge and skills are required to be successful. We then create a tailored assessment based on those findings.

You get a mobile assessment that measures those specific set of skills and competencies unique to your role.

Actionable Candidate Insights

HighMatch reports are highly visual, with intuitive reports that help you quickly see whether a candidate is a fit based on their overall score as well as their scores on specific domains.

These reports can also include personalized Interview Guides with the addition of HighMatch Interview, which help hiring managers have more consistent, informed interviews.

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Assessments For Any Role or Industry

Our workplace psychologists have identified the personality traits, cognitive abilities and skills critical to success in a wide array of job functions and industries. Select a function or industry below to learn more.

Don’t see your job function or industry?

With HighMatch Create, our workplace psychologists can create a skills test tailored to your specific needs, and can couple that with any other type of assessment component, including personality traits, cognitive abilities, situational judgement tests – even job previews.

Connect with a Skills Product Specialist to discuss your specific needs.

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Popular Skills Titles

Try a sample of some of HighMatch’s most popular skills tests! Remember you can choose to use the test in its entirety, select specific components to include or exclude – even add additional questions aligned to your specific role and organization.

Microsoft Excel

A quick, mobile-friendly assessment designed to test a candidate’s knowledge of MS Excel.

try a sample

microsoft word

A fast yet comprehensive assessment designed to test a candidate’s knowledge of MS Word.

Try A sample

microsoft powerpoint

This candidate-friendly assessment tests knowledge of basic and advanced MS Powerpoint.

Try A sample

math fundamentals

This test assesses candidate’s understanding of common mathematical concepts.

try a sample

Computer Literacy

This fast, mobile-friendly test assesses candidate’s understanding of basic computer use.

coming soon

English Fluency

This fluency test assesses a candidate’s understanding of the English language.

coming soon

They Trust HighMatch:

Combining Skills Testing
with Soft Skills Assessments

When combined with personality and aptitude testing, you can get actionable insight as to whether candidates are willing and able to do the job, along with their relative strength in a required skill.

Our team of workplace psychologists partner with you to identify the qualities AND skills required for job success, and build personalized assessments that measure those.

Rated Easiest To Use in G2

Check out our G2 profile for testimonials from professionals just like you, and better understand why we’re rated the “Easiest To Use” pre-employment assessment.

Modernize Your Internal Assessment

Many of our enterprise clients have migrated their in-house skills test to our mobile-first assessment platform.

Features include:

  • Customized reporting
  • Full WCAG2 compliance
  • Remediation capabilities
  • SMS invitations & reminders

Offered via our Create solution, your test will be augmented and validated by our team of workplace psychologists to ensure its accuracy and validity relative to the role.

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