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Looking for a specific skill test? If we offer it in our catalog, you can easily find it by searching through our catalog by name below.

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You can easily search through our entire catalog either by clicking on the relevant link below for the first letter of the skill test (note that an article, if present will be ignored for the purposes of categorization, so a course titled “The Best Bean Counting Test” would be found under the letter ‘B’ for ‘Best’), or you can simply scroll down the page to find a relevant course.

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Customizable MS Office Testing

HighMatch’s highly customizable suite of Microsoft Office skills tests are fully WCAG2 compliant and built from the ground up for mobile.

They feature SMS invitations and reminders, a mobile-optimized candidate experience and the ability to customize the tests to measure what matters most to you.

These include:

These skills assessments can also be combined with a singular soft skill assessment by engaging with our talent consulting team to create a custom assessment.

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Combining A Skills Assessment Test

with Soft Skills Assessments

When used in combination with soft skills testing through personality and cognitive reasoning assessments, hiring managers can get a holistic view of a candidate or existing employee as to whether they are willing and capable of doing the job, along with a complete understanding of their relative strength in a required skill.

They Trust Us

We are pleased to call some of the largest companies in the world our clients. They include:

Custom Skills Testing

Have an existing custom skills test that needs an upgrade? Looking to create a new custom skills test aligned to the functions of a specific role?

Many of our enterprise clients have either partnered with us to create a new custom skills assessment or migrated their in-house skills tests to our custom skills platform, featuring:

  • Customized reporting
  • Full WCAG2 compliance
  • Remediation capabilities
  • SMS invitations & reminders
  • Mobile-optimized candidate experience

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Report: Top Talent Acquisition Challenges

Recruitment frustrations go beyond talent shortages and low unemployment. Talent Acquisition (TA) leaders are facing other roadblocks as they strive to improve quality of hire.

We surveyed HR and TA leaders with the goal of understanding their challenges and how tools may or may not help them solve those challenges.


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