Assessment Development

For organizations with an unfinished, outdated, or non-validated assessment, our Services team can help.

What is Content Services?

Oftentimes our enterprise customers have an existing in-house assessment that is either paper-based and needs to be digitized, or is digital, but has a poor candidate experience. These assessments typically also have outdated, non-inclusive content that is turning off qualified candidates.

All of these issues can lead to significant challenges within the recruitment cycle (and beyond), including funnel drop-off, high turnover and a candidate pool that lacks diversity.

How an upgraded custom assessment optimizes your workplace

In-house assessments can often become outdated quickly as the role evolves, candidate expectations change, technology gets upgraded, and changes in leadership alter the cultural landscape.

HighMatch’s team of psychologists is the perfect solution, ensuring your assessment stays aligned even as the role and cultural landscape evolves. They also ensure your assessment remains inclusive and inviting to all prospective candidates, regardless of background or experience.

Our new Compass platform, built from the ground up to be mobile-first and candidate-friendly, ensures that even as the technology and expectations evolve, your in-house assessment never gets left behind.

How the process works

HighMatch’s team of psychologists will partner with you on a job analysis, identify where your existing assessment is falling flat, and work with you to develop an updated version that is better suited to the needs of the role.

This upgraded assessment will be validated to ensure its effectiveness in testing candidates for factors relevant to the position, and will be added to our new custom assessment platform, which features a mobile-first candidate experience, SMS invitations and reminders, and customized reporting.

Real World Scenario

You have a paper-based custom skills assessment built a decade ago by consultants that worked well at the time in identifying project managers that had both the necessary knowledge and hard skills for the job, but has become less relevant and accurate over the years as the role and the technology has evolved.

You believe the assessment still has some benefit, but the content feels dated and non-inclusive, and the role now requires candidates who are comfortable in a more client-facing capacity.

To modernize your assessment, you employ HighMatch’s Services team to analyze the job and your current assessment and ensure it is actually testing for relevant traits and skills, and validate the assessment to ensure its predictive ability.

Our psychologists supplement both existing and unfinished custom assessments with additional questions that help you better assess candidates, and partners with our tech team to digitize your legacy assessments so you can enable weighting, scoring, and custom reporting for a seamless hiring experience.

As a result, you’ll notice an increase in the quality of new hires and a reduction in turnover since leveraging HighMatch’s Content Services solution.

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Adverse Impact Analysis Add-On

For those enterprise organizations who have completed both a job analysis and a validation study either internally or through an engagement with HighMatch, but have yet to complete an adverse impact study (or would prefer one be completed by an independent party), HighMatch’s Services team can help.

Our in-house team of psychologists will partner with your team to perform a holistic adverse impact analysis, including a statistical review of hiring decisions that were made using data and insights derived from your assessment to determine whether discrimination is indicated in those decisions.

“I really appreciate that the [HighMatch] assessment gives us a better understanding and insight into how the person may enjoy the responsibilities in a given role. When people enjoy their jobs, they are more likely to perform at a higher level. It allows us to compare current A-players to potential hires to make better hiring decisions.”


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