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Candidate Reports

Berke reports provide insights on every candidate, from a overall job fit score to a breakdown of their traits and abilities, with actionable insights usable in both in pre-hire scenarios as well as development.

simple yet powerful

Streamline your hiring and interview process with friendly, easy to use reports.

Get to know candidates with accurate insights and conduct great interviews with personalized interview guides.

Plus, there’s no training needed because all reports are written with hiring managers in mind.

Berke Reports

Berke includes a full suite of reports and guides, all personalized to the candidate and role, including:

Sample Job Fit Report

job fit report

This report measure how well a person fits a given role based on the role’s Job Profile. It shows whether the candidate is a high, medium, or low fit for the job and why.

Sample Participant Report

participant reports

These reports are positive, and friendly. They are intended to be shared, and are useful for coaching and team building, or as an incentive to complete the assessment.

Sample Interview Guide

Interview guide

These guides are personalized to each candidate and role and provide questions that help you conduct consistent, objective interviews and see beyond the resume.

Sample Spotlight Report

Spotlight Report

These reports provide a personalized breakdown of how a candidate ranks on a scale of core qualities, helping you understand candidates and develop your team.

“The job fit report and interview guide are clear and easy to use and ensure a consistent candidate evaluation.”

CFO, Enterprise Company

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