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Job Profile

Leverage the power of a predictive job profile library refined over the last decade and consistently validated to help identify the best candidates for a given role.

And then have our workplace psychologists customize it to your specific role and organization.

What are Job Profiles?

Most assessment platforms offer limited customization capabilities beyond broad roles or job functions, resulting in broad data that’s often of little use to hiring managers.

HighMatch is different. Our job profiles start off as broader templates that have been vetted & validated by our team of psychologists and proven in the market to be effective.

As part of our Assess solution, our workplace psychologists configure these profiles for you, by weighting more heavily those traits and abilities that matter most.

This means that your candidates are always scored on how well they match up with your unique hiring profile.

HighMatch Job Profiles Are:


All templates are fully customizable, including the weighting of specific traits and abilities as well as the scoring on individual scales.


The HighMatch job profile evolves as your role evolves, ensuring it is always relevant regardless of changes to the role or cultural landscape.


A job profile configured to traits that are most critical for the role and organization can more accurately identify best-fit candidates.

Multiple Configuration Options

HighMatch hiring profiles can be customized in multiple ways depending on the complexity of the role:

Job Profile Library

Select from a set of proven templates

Choose from a library of more than 700 pre-defined, job-specific hiring profiles we have refined and validated over the last decade and have our workplace psychologists configure those to your unique needs.

Measuring Culture Fit

Organizations large and small all share a desire to find candidates who will not only excel in the role they are applying for, but also exhibit those traits, abilities and skills which lead to success in the organization.

Candidates who check both boxes tend to stay longer and are more likely to grow into leadership roles in the organization.

Learn more about our Culture Fit Solution.

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Tailored Job Profiles

Create a profile based on job knowledge

Partner with our team of workplace psychologists to develop a unique profile that measures the traits and abilities your subject matter experts have identified as most critical to success in the role.

They Trust HighMatch:

Benchmark Analysis

build a profile based on science

Partner with our team of workplace psychologists to benchmark your most successful current employees in a similar role and create a job profile based on the traits and abilities these rockstars share in common.

“What we liked best was working with [HighMatch] to tailor our profile for our various roles.”

Director of Human Resources, Construction

Real-World Scenario

An organization has struggled with junior marketing team members who look good on paper and sail through interviews but fail to live up to expectations on the job.

They partner with HighMatch using HighMatch Assess, selecting a series of proven job profile templates aligned with the roles they have struggled with historically.

They then work with HighMatch’s workplace psychologists to refine those profiles to weight more heavily those traits and abilities that are indicative of success at their organization.

Equipped with this information, they are able to evaluate all candidates against a proven, validated job profile, and get back a ranked list of candidates who are most likely to find success in the role and their organization.

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