industry: Construction
challenge: process efficiency

Moore’s Relies on HighMatch to Select and Interview the Best Talent

Moore’s Electric and Mechanical provides commercial construction, HVAC and industrial services, and is dedicated to the principles of service and commitment to their customers.


  • Improve high volume candidate screening
  • Conduct more effective interviews


  • Use HighMatch to screen earlier in the hiring process
  • Facilitate conversations with HighMatch Interview Guides


  • More confident hiring decisions
  • Quality conversations in interviews
  • Better assessment of risk factors


Improve high volume screening and interviews

Moore’s Electrical and Mechanical Construction, Inc. services Virginia and North Carolina. Dale Moore founded the business in 1985 with the vision to be the best place to work, give customers the best service, and give back to the community.

A 100% employee-owned company, the team is passionate about developing Servant Leaders, egoless leaders who treat others with respect and work for the good of the team.

Nathan Dowdy, Talent Acquisition Manager, wanted to modernize the recruiting process. Screening for their high volume Helper roles was difficult. After finding strong candidates, they struggled with conducting effective interviews, as hiring managers haven’t received interview training. Nathan was looking for a tool to help him find the best candidates at scale, and improve interview quality.


Use HighMatch as the first step in the hiring process

After researching pre-employment assessment tools, Nathan selected HighMatch for two primary reasons. He needed to find candidates with the ability to follow technical drawings, diagnose problems, and execute solutions. HighMatch’s problem-solving modules, especially spatial visualization, helped him identify the candidates who possessed the traits necessary to succeed.

Interview Guides also set HighMatch apart from competitors. Other assessment vendors would provide a breakdown of the personality traits, but the absence of the interview guide meant that they were on their own, when it came time to dive deeper into strengths and weaknesses with each candidate. HighMatch’s Interview Guides recommended questions that Moore’s hadn’t been asking.


More effective interviews and hiring decisions

HighMatch is the very first step in the hiring process, to help gauge how hungry candidates are for the job. Those who do not complete the assessment are immediately removed from the candidate pool. Nathan then reviews the job fit reports for medium and high fit individuals and determines whom to bring in for interviews.

The job fit reports help him decide if candidates are a personality fit for the role they are applying, or if they are a better fit somewhere else. Conversations during the interviews are more beneficial now, as hiring managers reference HighMatch Interview Guides to ask behavioral based interview questions, that help managers get to know candidates and better assess risk factors.

“The interview guide is awesome! It gives excellent questions to dig into the results to see if the candidate holds true to the assessment.  So far, it’s really accurate!”

Nathan Dowdy, Talent Acquisition Manager

Health Choice One

Health Choice One is a different kind of insurance company.  Since 2002, they have been committed to making the health insurance buying experience positive.

  • Function/Roles: Sales
  • Industry: Insurance
  • Challenge: Better Quality Hires

Shea Properties

Shea Properties is a leader in the real estate industry because of its unique approach to transforming land into premier living, working, and shopping environments.

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Royal Cup Coffee & Tea

Royal Cup Coffee is a premium importer, roaster and distributor of coffee with markets in the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean.

  • Function/Roles: Sales
  • Industry: Food & Beverage
  • Challenge: Turnover Reduction

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