industry: Hospitality
challenge: Turnover Reduction

Restaurant Call Center Drives a 22% Decrease in Turnover

A casual dining chain with hundreds of locations across the county had centralized its takeout order services and needed to decrease their turnover rate.


  • Decrease turnover in a key role
  • Identify cause of attrition and develop a solution


  • Benchmark analysis to develop a job profile
  • Integration of HighMatch Assessment into hiring process


  • HighMatch “recommended” hires had a 22% reduction in attrition rate


Identify reasons behind attrition

The call center operation for this restaurateur wanted to decrease turnover of its takeout order specialists. In an industry with turnover rates in excess of 75% or more annually, it was important to reduce turnover in this high growth business for the company.

The challenge was to identify the causes of attrition and to implement a solution for hiring order specialists who would stay longer and increase the average ticket size of each take out order.


Develop a custom job profile

To help this call center operation select quality employees, HighMatch built a custom Job Profile. During profile creation, incumbents in each role were assessed to determine their core traits, across both behavioral and cognitive dimensions.

Management also provided detailed performance data for each employee. The combined data was analyzed to create a unique Job Profile that all future candidates would be compared and scored.


Predictive ability of profile validated

To validate the predictive ability of the assessment, hire and termination statistics were compiled from a 12-month period

A comparison of turnover rates for candidates rated “Recommended” by HighMatch (100 people) versus employees that were rated “Not Recommended” (84 people) revealed statistically significant employee turnover reductions in favor of the “Recommended” group.  “Recommended” hires produced a 21.8% reduction in turnover compared to hires who were categorized as “Not Recommended” by HighMatch.

After implementing HighMatch to screen candidates, this call center operator was able to hire new takeout order specialists who stayed with the company longer. This helped the company decrease costs, improve average ticket sizes, and improve customer satisfaction.

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