3 Ways HR Technology Fosters Stronger Relationships

By Caroline Roberson on June 9, 2022

Recruiting is a multi-step process that involves much coordination and collaboration. So, it’s easy for recruiters to be overwhelmed with mundane tasks. By using HR technology, you can focus on building relationships and managing what matters most when it comes to your talent strategy and, to your business.

“Companies that have digitally transformed their HR functions have found measured success and are more likely to report strong financial performance, invest in diversity at all levels and have mature strategies for succession,” according to information from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). “The next wave of technology will drive more productivity, and that trend is too significant for HR leaders to ignore.”

Here are three ways to put HR tech to use:

1. Save time on mundane tasks.

Technology offers ways for recruiters to save time on mundane tasks and makes it easier to engage with candidates. You can use email templates to save time drafting emails, and you can even automate and personalize emails with programs like Lever’s Nurture or software like Yesware. Using tools like this allows you to keep candidates informed without as much heavy lifting. Online scheduling tools, such as Calendly, help you avoid the back and forth that is often required to schedule phone screens and interviews.

ATSs also offer opportunities to create custom workflows that automate steps in the process. For example, CATS allows users to create custom statuses and set up automated trigger actions, which save time and keep the hiring process moving.

2. Implement tech to get to know candidates.

A resume and an interview offer insight but genuinely getting to know someone takes time. A pre-employment assessment takes the weight off recruiting and hiring managers’ shoulders by summarizing a person’s essential qualities and painting a picture of what it’s like to work and interact with them.

Assessments help you quickly identify top candidates, making the screening process more efficient, so that you can spend more time engaging the right candidates. You can use information from the report to tailor your communication with key candidates, which will set you apart from other recruiters with more generic messages.

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3. Use video to bring your culture to life.

Video is becoming an essential element in communicating the employer brand. You don’t need to buy an ad spot on your local television channel, but a well-crafted video posted on your career site can bring your employer brand to life in a way that is hard to do through conversations alone.

As the videos on Moore’s Electric careers page illustrate, videos are a powerful a way to create connections and convey information about what it’s like to work for your organization. You can use video to help candidates understand your culture and experience the day-to-day details of the job.

While it does seem counter-intuitive, technology helps you build stronger relationships with candidates. HR technology can help you improve productivity by streamlining mundane tasks, get to know candidates, and bring your culture to life.

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