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Logical Reasoning Test

Logical reasoning is the process of using rational steps and sound procedures to arrive at a conclusion. A logical reasoning test allows employers to evaluate candidates’ abilities, and to manage risk when hiring for positions that require complex decision making.

Logical Reasoning In the Workplace

People who are skilled in logical reasoning are able to assess risks, develop strategies, and execute complex tasks as part of their duties on the job.

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logical thinkers can:

  • Justify their strategies and decisions based on facts
  • Rely on data rather than emotions to draw conclusions
  • Think through large complex problems in a step-by-step way

HighMatch creates custom hiring profiles which identify the personality traits, cognitive abilities and the hard skills required for success in the role and at your company, using straightforward language to ensure high adoption and usage by your teams. 

Role Applicability

A candidate with strong logical reasoning skills has the ability to execute their job duties with minimal supervision and can look ahead, forecasting and solving future business problems.

Success in some jobs rely heavily on one’s ability to reason and problem-solve, while others do not. Before filling an open role, it’s helpful to understand what type of job you are filling.

All jobs require some level of logical reasoning. Certain jobs require higher levels, including:

  • Attorneys: Lawyers need to identify the most pertinent details of a case to build the strongest argument
  • Market Researchers: Market research professionals use historical and current data to gauge consumer reaction to new products
  • Customer Service Teams: Customer service professionals have to quickly determine the best solution to customer needs
  • Human Resource Professionals: Human resource professionals conduct exit interviews to uncover the true reasons behind turnover

HighMatch candidate reports make it crystal clear if candidates possess the innate talents, defined by you based on the needs of the role and the organization, to succeed in the job. Employees whose talents fit the job are more productive, happier and stay longer.

Related Skills

Logical Reasoning is closely tied to other abilities, including:

  • Problem-Solving
  • Creativity
  • Analytical Thinking

How to Assess Logical Reasoning
in an Interview

An interview gives you the opportunity to get to know candidates beyond their resumes. Take time before the interview to review candidate reports and identify potential red flags. Ask questions that get to the root of any concerns you have.

If you are concerned about their logical reasoning skills, you could:

  • Present them with a general or vague proposition and ask them to present a solution in detail. By leaving out details, you’ll prompt the candidate to pose clarifying questions. If they don’t, they may struggle with problem-solving.
  • Share a multi-step project plan with the candidate and ask them to describe how they would communicate the plan to their team. If they don’t provide details, or skip steps, that could signal an issue.
  • Ask the candidate to explain how they would track the success of the plan. You want someone who can identify the key performance indicators and has ideas for how to track those metrics.

HighMatch provides interview guides tailored to each candidate. Each guide offers questions based on each person’s personality and skills, making it easy for you to ask thought-provoking questions to help you get to know the candidate beyond their resume and experience.

The Highmatch Assessment

HighMatch tests for logical reasoning by measuring a candidate’s ability to think through large, complex problems in a linear, step-by-step way. 

The HighMatch Services team typically conducts a benchmark study to understand what qualities are most critical for the role, analyzes the qualities that top performers share, and then develops a customized Hiring Profile inclusive of traits, abilities like logical reasoning and skills.

That Hiring Profile is used to develop the scoring and weighting mechanism for the assessment, helping to identify whether the person is a high, medium or low fit for the job.

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